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Our Services

Our services are not genre specific and can cater to many different if not all artist types.

Lyric Composition / Songwriting-Whether you need assistance overcoming a writer's block, or are in need of full service songwriting, we can accommodate you.

Music Production-We have the ability to provide live musicians for your session files, create original electronic music, sample based production, or a hybrid as you desire.

Studio Recording-All depending on your preferences & goals, there are private & exclusive home studios available, as well as moderately priced commercial facilities for you to record.

Artist Development-Sometimes there is no cutting corners when it comes to experience. When we say "Since 1987", that refers to the respective talents amongst our team, who have been DJing, Producing, Songwriting, & the like since then. Collectively we have over 100 years of involvement in music and can offer a wealth of guidance in more than one area.

Catalog Management-This service entails our soliciting and establishing placement opportunities for your works, and/or providing publishing management services to ensure that you are being compensated properly for all components of your catalog currently in circulation.

Marketing-There is no right way to do things wrong. When it comes to marketing the frustrations of trial and error can be exhausting especially for a new artist or one coming off a break. Let us take care of the guess work and let you get back to your music. We are firm believers in the long tail approach and want to help you find your niche.

Cinematography-Music requires visuals. From the treatment to final edit, let our cinematographers help manifest your ideas from your head to the screen in front of the world's eyes.

Product Packaging-We've been involved in numerous "records" before they were pressed up. We know how to shop around the globe, instead of around the block. Benefit from our contacts and get a quality product you'll be proud to call your own. 

For additional info with any of the above or other services not listed, please email us at info@legacylyrics.com. You may also reach us toll free at 1-855-7LYRICS & leave a message in our general mailbox.

Your email and/or call will be distributed accordingly and you will hear back from us within 24-72 hours.

If you are a provider of music or related services and have interest in joining our network,

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